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Maloja (mt. 1815)

The only able to boast the title of "Swiss city for families," are always new surprises for visitors.
Maloja owes its name to its Alpine Pass, known to the Romans (of that time remains
trace a path on Maloja itself).
The country has to its construction to Count Belgian Camille De Renesse: conquered the late 800's the beauty of the place, he decided to do a Maloja vacation place for the aristocracy of the time.
The majestic mountains in the world of Maloja still gives the opportunity to spend a holiday in the sign of a quiet full of emotions, not only for children, for which there are
organized many initiatives (on Lake Sils can build great things, the park offers their adventures ...), but also for adults.
The great Italian painter Segantini Maloja has spent his life, attracted by the play of light that make the landscape always different: "I want to paint your Engadine mountains or so around the world speak of their beauty," he said Segantini.
And that world is still intact and in addition to spells told the nature of the woods reveal secrets, thanks to "Marmitte Giant", near the beautiful Torre Belvedere, and the
opportunity to practice many outdoor sports.